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Leia was timid when she arrived from Iran a little over a week ago, but the showering of love and affection our volunteers and fosters have been giving her has made all the difference. In a very short amount of time, Leia's met and made friends with other dogs, cats, and even a baby!

I had a wonderful day with sweet Lia yesterday! She was perfect in the car and a wonderful walking companion. She was also a perfect houseguest and just content to lay in her bed or snuggle up next to me. She was also amazing with my 8-month old. If anyone is looking for a low-key, sweet lady I can’t recommend her enough!

Lia took me back to her kennel to snuggle, stood up and gave me kisses, tail completely unfurled, started eating treats out of my hand, and followed me when I needed to leave!! She actually tried to get me to come back in! I have a special place in my love for that girl. Thank you so much for getting the word out as fast as you did. I urge everyone who has pets to use this community to help other pets! They may not have directly dropped Geo off at my door, however it helped give me hope to see the 200+ shares Geo’s ad got.

Mellow is an indoor kitty approximately 1.5 years old. I adopted her as a feral kitten when she was 4 to 5 months old. One Saturday, Mellow jumped out of an open window in my living room with no screen. I did not find out about the incident until 4 hours later and by that time she was long gone. To complicate matters, I had recently had surgery on my foot and was unable to bear any weight on it so I was unable to look for her as stringently as I would have under normal circumstances!

My friend looked for her earlier with no luck. My dear brother drove me around the neighborhood to look for Mellow with no luck. I was devastated and was told by a friend about them. I immediately sent a picture of Mellow and read the tips on best practices for finding a kitty. I also received emails with tips from your Rescue Squad and followed through on them. As advised I put Mellow's well-scented litter box outside at the corner of my house.

I also put a couple of sweaters around the outside of the house with my scent on them. I placed food and water at three corners of the house and left my garage door open slightly. I also read on your website that lost cats are usually found when still dark outside, either early, early morning or late at night.

I woke up at 4:30 in the morning, grabbed Mellow's treat bag and went on to my front deck calling for Mellow. No sign of my Mellow. I teared up and went to my mudroom and out to my garage, shook the treat bag, heard a weak meow, looked down and there was my sweet baby girl Mellow!! I bawled tears of joy while I fed her treats and she followed me into the house.

I want to thank your organization and your Rescue Squad for the amazing tips that helped me find my baby! I am convinced that if I had not followed through on these tips that my baby would never have found her way home. I will be forever indebted to you all.

Geo got outside when I was trying to leave the apartment one Sunday night. My other dog also got out, however, he came back after about 10 minutes. Geo ran off towards the back of the house which is surrounded by fields and woods. After about an hour I decided to reach out to my family two hours away to help with the search since I recently moved to the area.

They drove up and we searched all night long and throughout the next day. We called local shelters, posted all over social media, posted 400 flyers in surround areas, and posted on there. Around 3 am on Tuesday morning my other dog, Gallo, started to act odd and was pacing around the apartment.

I decided to get up and let him outside because I was hoping he would be able to lead me to Geo. When I went outside Geo was there peeking around the corner of the building. He was shaking and wet but kissing me and Gallo all over.

I would definitely recommend this community because it truly helps to spread the word about missing and found pets. I feel that increases the number of eyes that are looking for your lost baby and they give good tips on how to search for them. They may not have directly dropped Geo off at my door, however it helped give me hope to see the 200+ shares Geo’s ad got. Thank you for helping me!
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